Sprague Media: Beating Out The Big Advertising Goliaths


For literally decades, there was no alternative to Big Advertising for most businesses and entrepreneurs.

That meant that we were all at the mercy of monopolies and cash-hungry execs...then the internet came along.

At Sprague Media, we take top-notch practices, such as building brand awareness, engaging the audience, and going in for the ‘ask’, to maximize ROI and avoid the trappings of Big Advertising.

Sprague Media was born out of necessity.

As entrepreneurs, we were tired of being burned by Big Advertising, so we created a neighborhood digital advertising company.

That means we are on the side of our clients, not a shadowy Board of Directors.

And our methods have payed off for our clients!

The prestigious, Washington, D.C. based, ratings and review firm, Clutch, collects client testimony from thousands of companies throughout the world to gain market insights.

Talking to Clutch, Tyler Sterling, owner of PDX Pest Control, was ecstatic about the massive ROI from working with Sprague Media.

“He’s earned us an internet presence which has paid off. We show up high on the list in the Google search rankings in the areas where we’ve tried to develop. Having that contact form on the site sped the process up for us and made it was easier to connect with customers. It put us in touch with the people who wanted and needed help right away.”

Tyler’s experience is typical for us.

We constantly grind away to enhance visibility and brand awareness, multiply engagement, and dictate market traffic.

As a result, our clients’ sales skyrocket to the moon and beyond. Moreover, we are always looking towards the future to catch trends before they happen.

We’ve got a lock on sales and marketing through with our various social media marketing strategies.

After we research messaging strategies and do market discovery analysis, there is no stopping the consistent revenue and sales streams that emerge.

With Tyler’s help along with our future client feedback to come, we’re excited to be recognized by Clutch and its sister site, The Manifest, among top marketing and advertising agencies in Portland.