How to Hack Your Organic Rankings on Google


Ranking on Google, but your click-through-rate is astoundingly horrible (CTR)?

CTR is one of the most overlooked organic rankings on Google.

Did you know a bump of 3% CTR on your listing correlates to an increase of one ranking space…

…Higher CTR also correlates to higher conversions.

That means if you’re number 2 or 3, you could move up to that first position.

An amazingly simple idea to put yourself above your competitors.

You’ve been spending a TON of time on SEO to get rankings for traffic. Why wouldn’t you spend the time to focus on conversions & clicks?

Steps you need to take:

  1. Identify your lowest CTR content.

  2. Dump excessively “Keyword Heavy” title template formats.

  3. Get Emotional.

  4. Get relatable.

  5. Use a numbered list.

  6. Bring it all together with this proven headline template.

  7. Add “Power Words” to your description tag.

  8. Use descriptive URLs.

  9. Audition headline ideas on Google Adwords.

  10. Test headline ideas using Facebook posts.


Larry Kim from Wordstream & Brian Dean from Backlinko put together an amazing infographic –The eleven most effective ways to boost your organic CTR.

It covers all the steps you need to accomplish an Organic Ranking CTR audit and improve your results…