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Are your ready to see growth and dramatic ROI off Amazon?

Here’s what you need to know, including a checklist to highjack and make sure you’re ready to kick-ass.

To start with, let’s figure decipher Amazon’s legalize and nomenclature.

There are two types of clients that can sell and advertise on Amazon: vendors and sellers.  

Even though they both offer products for sale, they work with Amazon differently.

You are either a “Vendor” or a “Seller”.


  • Brand owner

  • Sells inventory to Amazon

  • Amazon controls prices of inventory

  • Items are shipped and sold by Amazon to customers

  • Uses Vendor Central


  • May be a brand owner or sell another brand's products

  • Owns their own inventory

  • Sellers control prices of their inventory

  • Items are sold by seller to customers, and can be shipped from seller or Amazon

  • Uses Seller Central

Not sure which one you are?

Easiest way to tell is by looking at who items are shipped by…


Shipped by Amazon (Vendor):


Shipped by someone OTHER than Amazon (Seller):

Okay, now that we’ve figured that out… Time to check some boxes!


Retail readiness is a quick and simple review of ASIN elements to ensure campaigns are set up for success. You should review this checklist to identify if an ASIN is retail ready for a campaign.

  • Product title, description, and images

  • Customer reviews

  • Star rating

  • Inventory

  • Buy box

  • Enhanced content

Product Title, Description, And Images

If you don’t have this info you don’t have a product.

Pretty self-explanatory I hope!

A couple of key points:

  1. Make sure your images are inline with your brand and are not blurry or bogus. If you don’t put in the effort to place great images you can lose a lot of trust.

  2. For your product title, test our being very, VERY, specific.

Here’s a breakdown of decent rules to follow when creating product title(s), based on niche.


Design Product Type Brand Product Usage Design + Product Type + Amount of Each Pillow Type Size Product Usage


Brand Product Type + Keyword 1 + Output Keyword 2 Compatible Devices Color


Brand Keyword 1 Material Occasion Product Type


Brand Product Category + Gender Metal Type Shape Material Product Type


Sport Product Type + Age Group Brand Keyword Product Feature Gender Color, Size


  • Make updates on Vendor Central

  • Vendor central user uploads images and videos

  • Vendor central user can make corrections to product title and description


  • Must be a registered brand owner or first individual selling the product to manage updates

  • Makes updates on Seller Central

  • Seller Central user uploads images and videos

  • Seller Central user can make corrections to product title and description

Product Detail Page

This is your primary “selling” real estate.

This is your money-maker, make sure everything is good-to-go and is up-to-date (but also abide by Amazon’s rules or get the hammer!).

Think of a product detail page the same way you merchandise a product in a retail store. You would never sell a product if it was merchandised in a plain cardboard box.  The product detail page is the same way.” –

Customer Reviews

Social proofing / reviews are more than your lifeblood, when it comes to selling products on Amazon, but also for whether or not you LOSE sales (across more than just Amazon).

When we look at the buying process, the easiest way to build trust & authority is with great reviews.

Aaaand, the easiest way to lose sales is with poor reviews!

When people interact with your brand or product(s), they begin to investigate and do their research. 

Yes, for all you who think people are inherently lazy I will disagree… Well, at least when it comes to their money!!

In the process of researching your brand and products, what’s the percent that you think will end up on 

Or at the very least, see the number of stars from Amazon reviews on a google search?

So you need to be on top of your game… bottom line.

Need help acquiring reviews?


  • Use the Amazon Vine program to help boost the number of reviews

  • Vine Voices is a select group of Amazon shoppers helping shoppers make educated purchases

  • Vendor Central user can sign up on Vendor Central


  • Must be a registered brand owner

  • Use the Early Reviewer program to help boost the number of reviews

  • Early Reviewer program encourages previous purchasers to post authentic feedback

  • Seller Central user can sign up on Seller Central

Star Rating

Vendors and sellers cannot impact the star rating but reading reviews can provide insight into a low rating.  

This information can be used by the brand to make needed adjustments to the product.

The rating will update in real time as customers leave feedback, so it's important to review during advertising campaigns.


I shouldn’t need to say this, but I feel I just have to…

If you don’t update your inventory lists, you’ll be selling products you don’t have and NOT selling products you do have…

Do you see how this is a problem?  Major problem, in fact!

Not just with your customers and possibly your reviews, but also with Amazon.

Amazon does not like this – big no-no!

Easiest way to get Amazon to kick you off the platform.


  • Vendor Central users can monitor stock status on Vendor Central

  • Vendors should communicate with their Amazon contact regarding inventory


  • Seller Central users can monitor stock status on Seller Central if shipping from an Amazon warehouse

  • For sellers that ship from their own warehouse, the brand will manage stock using their own shipping tools

  • Check with whomever manages the product's inventory for additional inventory to ship

Buy Box

Buy Box Example

Buy Box Example

Both vendors and sellers can use the buy box, and you should definitely leverage this opportunity to drive more sales.

If you are having inventory issues you can lose the buy box, lose sales, and basically be in the penalty box (no pun intended) with Amazon.

Enhanced Content

Vendors: A+ Enhanced Marketing Content

A+ enhanced marketing content (available for vendors) allow brands to customize detail pages on Amazon that include extra features like images, charts, tables and narrative comments in a contextual presentation to improve the shopping experience.

Sellers: Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced brand content (available for sellers) includes five unique templates that enable sellers to add images and rich text to the product description of their brand’s product detail pages.

Driving To A Specific Product (ASIN) 

If you’re driving traffic to a specific product (ASIN), then check the following:

Optimize the product detail page and wait for the ASIN to be retail ready.

  • Update the product title and picture

  • Enroll in the Amazon Vine or Early Reviewer programs

  • Make improvements to product based on star rating/reviews

  • Ensure the product is in stock

  • Ensure you are winning the buy box

  • Add enhanced content to the detail page

If you plan on driving traffic to a specific store or landing page (to drive brand awareness or specific categories), you’ll need to make sure your page / store is setup properly.

Amazon Store

Stores are available to all vendors and registered brand owner sellers.  

Advertisers start with a template that offers some structure and allows someone to build a page slightly faster.

All templates can be fully customized, meaning that you can add, move, and even delete sections from a template.

An advertiser can also select to create a Store from scratch, adding all layout elements themselves.

Key features:

  • Discoverable within an Amazon ad, product detail page, or the brand's website

  • Showcase brand value and product selection

  • Create single or multi-page stores

  • Some available templates include: marquee, showcase, and product grid

  • Free self-service portal

Templates For Amazon Store Campaigns:

marquee amazon store template.png

Marquee Template

The marquee template includes a curated product display with additional space for select imagery and copy such as product descriptions and customer quotes.

showcase amazon store template.png

Showcase Template

The showcase template is ideal for brands that want the flexibility to create a more content-rich experience.

This template allows brands to feature a broad selection of products and provides plenty of space for product information and visual content.

Product Grid Template

The product grid template offers a simple way to display your product selection.

Campaign Landing Pages

Advertisers using managed service have access to campaign landing pages.  

Campaign landing pages are built from a library of pre-defined components.

Advertisers can choose from a group of pre-defined layouts of those components, choose to arrange those components in a new configuration or create new functionality for a page.

campaign landing pages amazon advertising.png

Key features:

  • Discoverable through a media ad

  • Promote multiple ASINs, provide images and media to support campaign

  • Share brand story, educate shoppers, and sell products

  • Three types of landing pages: templated page, tailored page, or custom page

  • Amazon contact provides pricing and spend requirements

Templates for Amazon Campaign Landing Pages:

Templated Landing Pages

Templated landing pages offer the ability to sell products on Amazon, highlight the benefits of a particular product, and promote a theatrical release.

Tailored Landing Pages

Tailored landing pages are available for those that wish to customize their landing page more. These pages provide more options but have a higher minimum spend.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages do not follow a fixed structure and can feature new functionality that is created specifically for that page. It can be used if the campaign goals cannot be met with the other landing page options.

Custom landing pages are typically used to bring awareness to a product and not used to drive purchases. Examples include interactive games, livestream video, and sweepstakes.

These landing pages are subject to higher minimum spend and longer lead times than tailored landing pages.


With everything said, you should be good to go to get your first ads out the door and start collecting some revenue.

This will all take time to put together but if you sell physical product, you should definitely be leveraging Amazon. 

Especially this day in age.

Give it a few years and Amazon will go from the 2nd largest advertiser to the 1st largest advertiser.

…just as they have consumed everything else on this planet!



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You’re in luck! 

Well, not actually luck… There’s a reason you ended up here.

Because this is exactly what we do.

Want to know more?  Click or tap here so we can learn more about what you’ve got going on.