About Us

Sprague Media is an advertising company focused on leveraging Social Media Marketing platforms, like Facebook & Instagram, while utilizing old-school techniques to help brands be omnipresent via Programmatic Advertising.

We buy media on - TV, Radio, Digital, Social, Search, Native, OTT, OOH, & Amazon.

Meet The Team


Sam Sprague -

CEO & Founder

10 years in both Agency & Client Side marketing.

OIF Marine veteran. Involved in and mentors multiple startups. Personally owns both eCommerce and lead gen based brands. Regularly speaks at conferences and panels around the US.


Paul Fracasso -

VP of Sales

Over 22 years of experience in Agency Side Marketing & Advertising.

Big fan of Iron Maiden and any metal from the 80’s. Paul was brought up in the world of broadcast radio, television, print, and digital. Former radio anchor with KUFO.

nick grossen.png

Nicholas Grossen - Senior Media Buyer

Over 5 years of brand & digital marketing.

Nick originally grew up on his family’s peach farm in Portland, which was the first business he helped grow online.


John Gebauer - Creative Director

Montana Resident with over 9 years Agency & Alternative Media Advertising.

Shortly after infiltrating a local Advertising Agency in 2010, he climbed his way to the top while securing a corner office & earning the title, Creative Director.


Find us at: 10151 SW Barbur Blvd., STE 102, Portland, OR. 97219